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Honda VForce Reed Systems By Moto Tassinari

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Moto Tassinari has extracted more power and more performance from our already proven VForce3 reed valve system design for the 85cc market, by offering the all-new VForce3i with integrated intake boot (included on RM & YZ models only). The VForce3i shares many of the same features as its legendary big brother, along with these additional unique features

  • Patent-pending snap together cage design with symmetric reed petals
  • Patent-pending reed tip shape accelerates the air mixture over the reed tips
  • More factory teams depend on VForce technology than all the competition combined
  • Dramatically increased horsepower
  • Additional RPMs
  • Higher efficiency (improved economy)
  • Longer reed petal life • Greater flow results in a crisp throttle response and harder acceleration
  • Straight Shot: Newly designed 3i intake boot with centralized opening offers a straight shot directly into the engine cases resulting in more even fuel/air distribution into the engine
  • Reed Stops: Newly designed reed stops to increase reed petal stability for a controlled reed petal opening
  • Reed Petals: New shorter reed cage allows the use of lighter reed petals for a noticeable increase in overall performance
  • Custom Boot: Custom designed intake boot to ensure maximum performance and total integration for Suzuki and Yamaha models

NOTE: Generic images and may not depict actual items. Only Vforce 3i & 4Ri come with an intake boot.